Calendar System

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working my way through Dominic O’Brien’s How To Develop Perfect Memory, and have been very much enjoying it so far. I’ve come to the section where he outlines his system for remember appointments via a mental calendar, which essentially boils down having two 31 stage journeys, one representing the current month, and the other representing the next month, and alternating between the two, then having a short 10-stage journey to represent appointments throughout the rest of the year until they come up in the cycle.

I really like the idea of the system, but the way he describes doing it seems prohibitively specific. He describes his own as beginning from a high vantage point on a hill he used to stand on in his childhood, from which paths to two different villages extend. He places 31 stages spaced equally on each of these paths to and through the villages, all of which he can see from that high vantage point, allowing him to spot busy portions of the month and get a good overview of all of it.

Me, I can’t even think of a place I’m familiar with that could serve such a purpose. I even found exactly the spot he was talking about, but can’t find photos taken from the top, and even then don’t have the a navigable path I could go down and establish solid loci at. My immediate thought would be a good view from a skyscraper, but I don’t have one that I can really access at my leisure for such purposes. I have a three-way intersection near my apartment whose splitting paths could potentially serve as two separate journeys, but it’s flat as can by around there.

Curious if anyone’s dealt with similar issues or has any ideas or insights for good potential journeys, whether through reliable examples I might find around, or if there are any virtual journeys you think might fit the bill.

Thanks for any and all help everyone!

All the best,

Hi Chris.
I use this method for my calendar appointments. I just did a 31 stage journey around my home town, impossible to have a birds eye view from a hill top where i live as it’s actually all 12 feet below sea level:)
Anyway, I just move along each stage of my journey according to the day of the month and use it on a rolling month basis. so if today is the 7th June, I will be at the seventh stage of my journey once I get to the eighth of the month, that day is gone and it becomes the seventh of the next month and so on so. I don’t often have appointments more than a few weeks ahead but if I do then I put them on the same journey but they have a different association than the current month, for example a Drs appointment on 4th November would be my Dr doing penny for the guy. Jan, April, May June and July are all women I used to know. It seems to work ok for me that way anyway. Hope this makes sense