Business idea – either to promote the Art of Memory software or just earn cash

In card games it’s useful to remember what’s been played, either one is playing blackjack or just a fun competitive game with friends.

But for many people learning memorization techniques from scratch would be a tough sell. So an easy way to introduce memory techniques could be to sell a deck of cards with actual pictures of a PAO printed on the cards.

So one would get someone from Fiverr to make drawings of the playing card mnemonics here:

And then buy custom decks of cards online for cheap, with the drawings. And sell them off Etsy at a premium. It’d be a nice birthday or Christmas present to introduce someone to memorization techniques, and one could print “By the Art of Memory” on the cards. I’d buy a deck if it was available.

I wrote “or just earn cash” in the title, but the most important thing IMO would be to spread the Gospel of memorization techniques – regardless of whether one uses it to promote software or not.

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This already exists on ebay, you can order your own prints on the cards front and back.
I was thinking of doing it with the numbers from 00-99 as well as cards.
There is a few that offers this on ebay, not sure if they offer it at amazon. I think I’ve seen a post about it on the forum as well it was being offered.

I think it would help with the image recognition of the cards and numbers. And perhaps may help to be faster. It’s worth a try.

I use PA or OA in most cases. So the front of the card could be the Person and the back of the card could be the Action.

Not sure how you’d go about printing the cards with PAO. Any ideas?

I am not sure what you mean with this already exists?

Do you know of a deck with clean drawings of specific and useful PAOs on the cards. If you do I’d like to get it. I am thinking of an ordinary deck, with uniform backsides, so whenever I play cards with children we could both familiarize ourselves with the PAOs on the cards as we play. In the corner of the cards it would still say things like «J♤», so just regular cards with clean PAO drawings on the front side, and a uniform backside.

At Fiverr one could get PAO drawings for cheap, the PAOs at Memrise would do, perhaps with small adjustments. On Google there are plenty of companies making custom decks (minimum order like 100 decks for 20 bucks), so one would then supply them with the drawings from Fiverr and they’ll make it. The guy behind the company FluentForever used Fiverr to get his outstanding drawings, he even stated which Fiverr user made them, though I’d have to search a while to find that blog post.

The cost would really just be time spent sourcing PAOs that are so universal, so most people get it, and it would cost some to get a Fiverr user to draw 52 drawings, but they do this for like 5$ a pop, so it’s fairly cheap.

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Here is a link to a personalized playing cards printing.
There is no minimum order.

I use PA or OA in most cases. So the front of the card could be the Person and the back of the card could be the Action. Or the front of the cards could be the card itself and the back for the action.

Not sure how you’d go about printing the cards with PAO.

I was going to order 3 packs
1 for the cards and 2 for the numbers
but I have to prepare which will take a long time.
It’s definitely on my list because I think it may be a good idea to help improve speed.

We’re speaking of different things.

I was thinking that gifting someone playing cards for Christmas, with PAOs most people can relate to, would be an easy way to introduce say a nephew to memorization techniques. In the process of making a great deck one would have to spent some hundred dollars on drawings, but having done that one could sell such decks for a premium. The cost of printing each deck is low.

If every single one has to make one’s own deck the results would vary, and most importantly all the hassle involved would turn people away. It’s just a single deck, so why spend all this time.

What I was thinking about were cards that you can play whatever game with, say Bridge, and the mere exposure of looking at the cards while playing Bridge would make you remember them. So it would be a deck you can play any card game with, since the back side is uniform, but the front side has a PA in the center and in the corners it says what card it is.

how would you go about having a PA on the cards?

you’d need 2652 unique cards to cover each PA
I was actually thinking of a single image on the face of the card to cover the person.
But if the company can print the back of the card as well, then having the action or the object on the back of the card would be useful to practice PA because you can have 26 cards backwards and shuffled in itself and sorted within each other to practice cards.
I think this would eventually improve you when you are playing with real cards for any game.
I’d just mostly practice it for memorising cards.

Here’s our King of Hearts, Romeo (person) kissing Juliet (action).

Just by rote one would remember which PA belongs to which card, and it’d be fun to practice as you’re “cramming” while playing cards with friends or family. It would be an easy and low stress way to get someone acquainted with memorization techniques, and on the box of the deck it could say something like “Want to learn about Journeys, the method to memorize the sequence of hundreds of cards in a minute? Visit!”

The PA for the King of Hearts was from the Memrise deck in the OP, which was chosen at random, and it’s alright, though I am sure there are other PAs that are even better, more universal and easier to remember.

You wouldn’t need a card to see each of the 52 persons doing each of the 52 actions.

Let’s say the Jack of Hearts is:
Person: Jimmy Hendrix
Action: Smoking a Joint

10 Diamonds is:
Person: Oscar DelaHoya
Action: Warming up on a punching bag

If you got to remember two cards in a row, the Jack of Hearts and 10 Diamonds, then you’d visualize Jimmi Hendrix warming up a punching bag. Your mind’s eye would do all the work. I think it would be counterproductive to have cards where the PAs are mixed up.

I like the idea of having the person with his/her action on a single card.

I think this would be very useful with a 52 loci journey,
but not sure if it would work well for PA in speed cards.
Because It would be very hard trying to see Jimmy Not smoking while punching if you were to memorise at speed. But if speed was not an issue then I think it would be a useful tool.

It’s a soft and simple way to introduce friends and family to memorization techniques: gift them a deck of cards for Christmas.

I haven’t made any associations to any cards yet, so I’d like to get such a deck myself, as an easy way to remember more of the game when playing cards for fun. In lots of card games it’s beneficial to know which cards have been played.