Building Loci in Minutes and Limits on the Loci Method

I found two interesting studies on the loci method one from the University of Alberta, Department of Psychology the other originates from the US Navy Personnel Research and Development Center, at Syracuse University.

The first study has to do with rapid creation of memory palaces (obviously) but the second study from 1974 was interesting because of some discussion on the psychological limitations of the loci technique.


A bit too technical for me, but I believe it would benefit someone.

Interesting. I need to get better at psych stats. But the problem with control group studies is that you have to trim things down down down to get to something that can be measured with integrity. And it feels like comparing driving competence using someone shown a car manual for 5 minutes before driving to someone just given the keys and told to work it out.
There are some similarly pared down but relevant studies on ‘animacy in memory’. Some can be found on I like animacy and contamination (when the animate image is touching an inanimate object, it then shares the memorable-ness). I can really see that at work in my memory palace imagery.

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