Build Mind Palace Like Library


Ever feel mind palace you built is collapsed? By the time you try to access it gone. When you don’t need it appeared. By the time you revise this mind palace, you already lose too many time. Solve this by making Massive Library Mind(MLM)

I am a college student. By the time I write this entry, I had 8 subject in this semester. I don’t want to waste time by learning this and had to cut my hobby time. My hobby was reading. I had many book to crammed to my head everyday. So how I can do all of this while still learning this important 8 subject for exam?

You will build 2 important mind palace before it can work.

Need memorize text book skill.

  1. Relax first by build a deep consciousness mind palace.

There is technique with called self-hypnosis.
Think you walking down stair toward darkness while count down 100 to 0. At below, you step on ground at dark space. The only here is stair behind and cave in front you emitted a faint of blue light.

Walking inside you found a well. Because water inside well radiated blue light, the cave wall had formed water shadow pattern like.

You jumped inside the well, fall at high speed and drowned.

Swim up to surface and there you go you found a limitless ocean below a countless sky in daylight.

  1. Create first mind palace.

You body floating after few seconds. The cloud beneath my feet brought me to sky to my mind palace.

I built combination between park, garden, tree and something green nature offer. What you get here is a park or garden on top of cloud in middle of sky. It had 8 loci with another 2 every loci total 24 loci. Every time you access 1 loci, it will bring you 2 more loci. If you look from top you can see it as compass. North, east, southwest…so on.

  • Use theme for this mind palace. I use green nature because the effect toward eyes. Maybe you can use game, science, art…anything you like (favorite).
  • Use thing you like as loci. At southeast of this place, I put chess surrounding by butterfly garden since I like chess. Butterfly only improvement.
  • This mind palace must not have roof or wall so you can see sky and ocean. Loci can have roof like house I built at northwest.
  • In the middle put something simple or normal. The reason I build park in this center because it associate with date (some anime I watched). I put some interesting character here for my guide.

Make sure it increase your emotion so you can relax. Don’t forget to relax.

For this post, we will choose only one loci category. For example at northwest, I build house with cat playing with ball in front house. Here I recognize category as knowledge. Other two loci (come from knowledge) was Shortcut(fast access mind palace) and Language(dictionary).

  1. Build second mind palace.

At this knowledge loci, create association. I walk up at second floor of this house, I pull book at my shelf, the shelf explode transfer me to this second mind palace we will build.

I used library for mind palace because it easy to associate with knowledge. Other suggestion was cyber cafe, mall, playground, …anything big.

  • I not recommend to use real place. I made this from different kind library until it become unique. It take me 10 hour at first time. After organize furniture around, I get 28 shelf as loci on first floor. Every shelf had 2 loci with total 56 loci.

  • Every loci had type. Shelf = Subject of knowledge. First floor = knowledge of real world. Movie, game and novel is not real. I built at theater inside library as Knowledge of story to put character, scene… with I can use to create new unique mind palace.

  • Create walking path pattern before you familiar with it. For example, I forget where I put book about dinosaur. I just follow the path and I found it. Just simple.

Done. Now time for work.

  1. Book “48 law of power” written by Robert Greene

deep mind palace(garden) > knowledge(house with cat) > life hack(shelf) > to new mind palace of life hack > 48 law of power( another mind palace).

I access garden and then search knowledge inside house that lead me to library. Follow my path starting from librarian counter, I follow path to Life Hack Shelf. I print Life Hack image using mnemonic at the side of shelf. I design the shelf with combination of heart(life) and future(hack) to created a unique shelf. I want to looked a new place to put my book with is 48 Law of Power.

Do something to the shelf every time you want to know detail. When I looked at Life Hack shelf, I felt the shelf alive. So, I poked around. The shelf turn to metallic and pull me inside(like story of matrix first movie). Lead me to Life Hack Mind Palace. Here I put my book 48 Law of Power(with is woman in judge clothes with hammer). Easy right. If I want to know what inside of 48 Law of Power book, I just do something right away when I saw it. I hit her head because she still kid. I know only adult can become judge. Then, she hit me back, I unconscious and wake up at hospital with is 48 Law of Power Mind Palace.

When I teach my friend, his head hurt thinking about this stuff like impossible. Then I said, this is your first try, don’t force yourself. Relax. One at a time.

If I forget about the book, I just access deep mind palace again. If not, I just go to library.


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