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My name is Hans and I’m from Sweden. I came across this awesome site a while a go when I started to get interested in memory techniques. My present main goal is to remember a deck of cards in under two minutes. I started two weeks ago and decided to use a PO-system with some actions connected to the objects. My current best time is 3:12, without in any way rushing through the deck. I’ve also invested some time in Memory League for the last two weeks, having remembered 26 cards in 1 minute. I’m a newbie and still having some trouble with bad card-person/object connections and locis, so I think I can improve the time quiet much with all the advice that exists in this very forum.



Åh Jag är också från Sverige vill du träna ihop? @memohans

Wow that’s nice progress

Hey welcome here !

You aready do very good score for a beginner, you’re on a good way! Keep practising and it’ll be alright :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Hans.

Good progress

Thank you all!