Brainstroming for 2 abstract nouns

Greetings everyone. I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic.
I have a problem to visualize these 3 abstact nouns
Adjective (I need an image for this word in my memory palace)

Thanks for your help !!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

When I say the word “inherent” to myself, it sounds like “in hair ant”. You could use “in hair” for an image by itself or add the “ant” image too.

When I say the word “adjective” it sounds similar to “add” and “jack”. Maybe it could be an image of a calculator attached to a jackhammer or something like that. “Jack” could also be an image of a card (Jack), a person (Jack or Jackman), a guitar (Jackson), jackfruit, or a jackrabbit. “Add” could be a calculator, or an adder snake.

Natural memory works along with the mnemonic images, and sometimes the images are there just to get you past the tip-of-the-tongue effect.

Other users here might have some ideas too. :slight_smile:

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