Does someone the braingym excersises?

Helps this?

How does it work? Is there something different between other forms of aerobics?

I found this kind of excersises in a course from learning strategies. The courses are bullshit, butt i think that this is fun. If it is better than normal excersise? I dont know. Paul r. scheele says that this is better for the concentration. Does someone have results with this kind of excersises? Mindfullness is what i do when i take a brake.

I’m sure that any kind of cardiovascular exercise is good for the brain. I don’t know if one method of aerobics would necessarily be better for the brain than another, but I’m not really an exercise expert. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, brain gym. I read about this in Ben Goldman’s very good book Bad Science. Official Brain gym proponents maintain that students should hold water in their mouth so that it can hydrate the brain directly through the roof of your mouth and other pseudoscientific travesties that innocent British kids shouldn’t be allowed to hear. It has apparently spread like wildfire - because it works - hydration, breaks from long concentration, and light exercise have always worked…but there’s nothing to the ‘extra’ claims that are made.

And Paul Scheele is a scam artist. I bought his Photoreading program (parents did) for $250 bucks when I was 12. It is a system of ways to use techniques such as reading tables of contents and the first sentences of paragraphs in order to dip in to get just that knowledge you need from each book without reading anything extra. The OTHER step in the process is looking past the book, over the top edge, so it blurs and doubles. You then turn every page and have thus “Photoread” the book - so now your subconscious knows it. An unnecessary step that the whole system hinges upon. He suggests photo reading the dictionary and if you intuitively feel you know where a specific word was, check back to see if your subconscious has photographed the page correctly - but please be aware of this important fact - your mind can sometimes reverse the image, or flip it, or mirror it onto the other page - effectively covering the possibilities for the entire area of both pages. This is in his book and cd’s - really. Sorry for the rant, but quoting Scheele as an authority means that you have only heard what he wants you to hear; lies, that is.