Brain Fog

Hey everyone, I know that you have addressed this topic before, but I was curious if anyone had any new solutions. Since quarantine I have been experiencing more brain fog, and I am assuming that this is because I am out and about less, interacting with others less, etc… I have been sticking to a good sleep schedule and workout routine, I have been eating better than I ever have before, and I try to go for walks and get outside as often as I can when I safetly can. I am wondering if anyone has any more tips for dealing with brain fog? Thank you for your help.


Online socializing is still socializing.
I turned to Twitch and Discord during the lockdown to still see* people.

My alone time is almost all spent on doing and learning about photography, and it turns that the photography side of Twitch started expanding just as I started going there :slight_smile:

I’d suggest getting a few people to talk to with a microphone every few days.
Get a discord based around on a topic you like, (memorization?)
and get in there to chat with people!

It doesn’t have to be related to that topis 100% of the time, but it’s a good way to find people who cares about the same things as you.

Because socialising is really one of the pillar of a healthy brain,
Also at least 1 minute of exercise a day, also 15 min of walking if possible,
Good sleep,
and a good diet. (You likely have more time to cook anyway :wink: )
Bonus one : 15 minutes of meditation or deep breathing / day

With all that you should be golden :slight_smile:

If you’re not already doing all that, well, don’t question why it is that you’re not feeling at your 100% :wink:

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Thank you very much for your suggestions. I have been using discord to communicate with friends more and it definitely seems to be helping, although im still not 100%. I do 1+ hour a day of exercise 5 days a week and on the days when I don’t, I try to go for walks or do yoga. In my free time I generally read, play games, or do art which definitely helps too. I am trying to fix and improve my sleep, but it’s definitely a little iffy. I am also cooking more often and have added in more vegetables into my diet while decreasing processed foods. I do also try to meditate and I find it definitely helps, but I end up doing it about once a week just because it is hard for me to quiet my mind sometimes. Again, thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it.

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I’d suggest trying deep breathing when you stop doing an activity and want to start fresh or relax.

  • Breath in
  • hold
  • breath out
  • hold

4 seconds at each step
It’s especially good to quiet your mind :slight_smile:

But you already seem to be doing very good, congrats on the healthy habits!!

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