Books with lists to memorize?

Anyone has nice recourses with memorizable data like lists of biggest mountains buildings rivers, famous presidents, biggest records etc? But preferably in short lists so you can quickly memorize the data? Just for fun, to show off that youre a superhuman with crazy skills (the usual)


Wikipedia :smiley:


Haha, i appreciate the joke but thats not what im after. Id like an easy to grab reource (physical).

Try the Miscellanies series from Ben Schott. Full of fun, random, data sets.


If you are okay with doing foreign language vocabulary, there is a series of books on Amazon, for example, " Chinese vocabulary for English speakers - 9000 words." Vocabulary is ordered thematically, so you could memorize a list of 25-30 words about sailing, for example. It’s not exactly what you are asking about, but it’s a pretty good resource if you want to practice off of some well organized sets of lists of memoizable data.

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I will add to that: