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Hi. I am looking for the best memory technique to memorize books of programming and maths.I read the pdf for beginners and I found It easy and fun.What is your opinion?Also I am interest at fast reading(learning).I heard about anki.
Thank for your answers.

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What are those specifically? Memorizing Donald Knuth’s The Art Of Computer Programming will be very different from an Introduction to C++ book. Are you talking about language syntaxes and libraries or algorithms in general? Ditto for math.


Let Us C for example.Everything I have to learn.Syntaxes,Libraries,mindset of programming, everything that I read.But I told math and programming(languages,algorithms) because this is my interest at the moment.


Why did you decide on that book? I just read the first few chapters and it’s really bad. Is this required reading in school? There isn’t really much to memorize in there… it’s just a bunch of short code snippets. Just type them, compile, and run.

Have a look here: for a better way of language instruction and then have a look around the web for c/c++ tutorials that follow a similar structure.

The book doesn’t really mention anything about algorithms; it’s just a very basic introductory text. Have you only just started? The standard text for Algorithms is this one:

…but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone who is still learning only the basics. You can check MIT Open Courseware here for video lectures:

Not sure what you mean by “mindset of programming” or to what extent you would be able to memorize a mindset.


There’s no point in memorising a math book. I have a weak memory and I’m really good at math. Although I am lucky to have a bit of natural grab at maths, I can only say that practice is the only thing that can help you.

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