Blindfolded Speed Cards

This is a bit of a #blindfolded-speed-cubing crossover. :wink:

The challenge is to memorize a deck of cards, blindfold yourself, and bring the same deck of cards back into sorted order. So unlike in regular speed cards where you’d bring a second deck into the same order of the deck you’ve memorized, you just work with one single deck of cards.

The time starts when you pick up the deck and you are not allowed to move any cards around during memorization. Once you put on the blindfold and moved the first card, you can only take it off again after you’ve completed the attempt. If you want to continue memorization and haven’t moved a card yet, you can take the blindfold off again.

The time to solve is the total time (memorization and sorting). An ordered deck looks like you’d normally use it for recall in regular speed cards, so if your order is A-K for spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds then you bring the deck into that order.

You are allowed to use the table, so if you want to create a pile for each suit and then pick it up again or swap cards by putting a porting of the deck on the table and picking it up again after the swap, it’s all good. In the end you have to lay down just one pile of cards and take off your blindfold to stop the time.


awsome idea, gonna write a program for it ASAP

A program?

The whole point was to “solve the deck” like you’d solve a Rubik’s cube… in your hand. The challenge really is to not lose track of where you are as you move the cards around to get them back into sorted order.

well I want to keep track of what I memorise and I do not have the funding for that amount of decks. The idea is that I place each nth card of the deck memorised into an order. so if 43th is ace of spade it goes first. now just think how time consuming it is to check if u got it right. imagine the time saved in the long term if u have the computer check f0r u ASAP

yeah will put that in, currently I am making the inputs go invisible once I put it in

But who says that’s a good way to “solve a deck”. Personally, I’d go through and place every card blindfolded onto four piles on the table according to their suit. Afterwards, it’s simply sorting the 13 cards per suit and then putting the four piles back together.

Bear in mind that all cards you’ve memorized after the 43rd card are now at location - 1 and if the next one if the 31st then all the ones following will be -1 and then ones that were already -1 are now -2, etc. That seems like a lot of on the fly memorization after you’re already done memorizing. Kinda like blind-solving the cube using CFOB.

Couldn’t you just video the order of the deck with your phone before you start or as you memorize?

By the way, I’m not saying that’s a good way either… the nice thing here is that you can still come up with different methods unlike regular speed cards where we all kind of know the systems that can be used. Maybe using quicksort or mergesort if you can keep track of the table in front of you whilst blindfolded is a better idea.

But really, the challenge here was supposed to be dexterity as far as sorting the deck. I assume anybody who’d do this would know how to memorize a deck for regular speed cards consistently in the first place.

thats a bit exaggerated I think, cant be that hard especially if u use single card image system for cards. And I am sure programs can simulate what u are promoting.

My approach is to first make a program to generate a random deck of cards, then 4 groups of square boxes as the input box, each group representing a suit like you suggested which is a good strategy in real life if it becomes a competition. now every time I place an input into one of the boxes, it goes invisible, so I have to remember which box I filled in(which is easy as u know, long as you just follow the story and dont go back due to unable to recall the image at specific locations) and I will also make it such that a short total time (memorising+recall+ordering) is a PB. Meaning the lesser time I go back and refill in a box the more point I get, hence pushing my self for speed + accurate recall.

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