Blackjack Index Chart Memory Palace

This is my first time doing this. I have several charts I’d like to use memory stories or palaces like this. I believe using the structure of the palace very effective for recall. I want critiques and suggestions if you have them.
7,7 and 8,8 are ignored in this.

I’ll spare you the sick story I use haha. Each room in the palace is the player’s hand(you have) and each loci is the dealers hand, like 8 is faucet in each room, and 10 is always ToeS, and the mnemonic image is the index number. I use the same loci so recall is easier on the table, because I have to be able to recall the index within 7-15 seconds.
I hope this helps others in viewing memory palaces in ways other than just a linear order. I see and 15 and know that is TaLL so I can go straight to the Tall boy room for example.
If you see a potential problem or flaw with my thinking, let me know before I start on more daunting charts!