Black and white option?

The Canadian Memory Championships this year will feature Names in black and white. I’m sure that the Canadian gang who is training on Memory League would love to train Names in black and white if the option existed.
It would also be interesting to measure how bad it gets when the colors are missing.

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If you’re using Chrome (maybe also Firefox and other browsers, but I haven’t tried it), you can make the photos black and white by doing this:

  1. Type javascript: into the address bar (don’t press Enter yet)

  2. Paste this code into the address bar after javascript:

document.styleSheets[0].insertRule('.namesFullSize,.namesMemoPhoto,.namesRecallPhoto,.namesResultsPhoto{filter: grayscale(1)}',document.styleSheets[0].cssRules.length)
  1. Press Enter

If you want the colors back again, just refresh the page.


Thank you very much. I’m impressed at how fast you came up with this.

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I am finally trying this and it does not work for me. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox.
I tried it before the names and faces test and while the names and faces test was happening. Nothing changed. I always erased all the stuff that was in the address bar before typing javascript:

Has anyone else tried this successfully? The Canadian Memory Championship is coming up soon Sept 1. and I would like to recommend this way of training as we use black and white photos.

On Windows 10 you can use Ctrl+Windows+C to switch between color and grayscale.

It might be that you have to activate this shortcut first. See here for how to find the option.


I suspect those single quote characters might be the problem. It looks like they are smart quotes instead of the straight quotes needed. It might work if you retype them. I’m not at a computer to check at the moment.


Yes, the quote characters were the problem - the new forum “helpfully” changed them to smart quotes.

I have fixed my post above now so the instructions should work again.

This should work at any time - regardless of what page or stage of a training trial you are on. If you go into a recent Names game before entering the code, you should see the change immediately.

It should look something like this:


I have just tried it. It didn’t work in firefox but with Google Chrome it worked. Thank you Simon Orton.
I also tried the method suggested by @Finwing but without success.

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It looks like Firefox blocks any JavaScript in the address bar. You can make it work in Firefox by entering the code (without javascript: at the start) into the console. Press F12 to open/close the console on Windows.

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