Bit by Bit - a Memory Training Journal

I’m starting memory training to help me get out of 4 year funk and build a sense of accomplishment. I have a horrible memory largely due to long term depression and bad nutrition. I may also have ADD. I often miss details until I am forced to notice them.

I’ve thought about memory training ever since reading Moonwalking with Einstein when it came out but I never did anything with it. I’ve decided bit by bit I am going to work on it every day even if it is only a few minutes. Better a little than nothing at all.

My first memory palace is a calendar. It’s easy for me to visualize with a theme each month:
January - Baby New Year
February - a mailbox filled with valentines
March - a field of shamrocks
April - a bunch of yellow umbrellas
May - A May Pole
June - A wedding cake
July - A July 4th bbq
August - A beach vacation
September - A State Fair
October - Halloween
November - Thanksgiving Dinner
December - A Christmas Tree

As my first practice, I used it to memorize the main tabs of Excel.
-Baby New Year FILEs resolutions
-A mailbox with valentines in front of HOME
-INSERT a pot of gold into the field of shamrocks
-Picture a PAGE LAYOUT of millions of yellow umbrellas
and so on through November for my version.

Most people probably already could name these tabs. I’m terrible at it without making an effort. This morning I took a moment to link them with my calendar palace and this evening I could still remember everything. So progress for me.


Good luck with your training! I like your bit by bit approach :slight_smile:

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Good luck! Just curious, do you need to know the Excel tabs for some reason or did you just pick them randomly?

Just randomly to start somewhere.