Best way to remember definitions?

I have a topic for which there are 14 clear cut principles. And each principle have 2-4 one line definition.

I need to remember those 14 principles (exact verbiage) - so I believe I will use pegs.

But each of those 14 principles have definition that I want to remember as well(but not necessarily the exact same verbiage).
Each of those definition have like 2-4 sentences. Like a descriptive property.

What method can I use to learn/remember these properties.

Have you heard of our Lord and Savior, Loci Method? :laughing:
Yes, the method of loci is your solution. Convert the ideas into images and place them in location, journeys or not, better if the images are animated like short movies. Or create an image trigger and place that on a location.

Two methods:

Only method of loci

All images match the ideas and you place the images along a journey through a place in selected locations.

  1. Chunk all your ideas and consider which will have an image.
  2. Select locations per chunk.
  3. Memorize. Imagine and associate and place in order according to the thought chunks.

Method of loci + link system (do this)

  1. Select your locations first per considered organization, regardless how big the text is. For instance in your case, it’d be 14 locations (spots, loci), all that could be within an imagined room.
  2. Observe your target idea to memorize and chunk into image impressionable for you.
  3. Memorize. At each location create the first of the chunk images and attach to the newly created image to the next and continue up till you finish the whole idea (paragraph). After the first image, you don’t need to visualize within the context of the loci where you placed the first image.

Thank you for the explaining it in detail.

I started looking into Loci. It is very interesting.

If I have one whole sentence for example “They seek diverse perspectives and work to dis-confirm their beliefs” - how can I remember that? How to visualize this?

Also do you mind if I message you privately?

Text: “They seek diverse perspectives and work to dis-confirm their beliefs”

Chunk ideas:

  • 1.“They seek”, 2. “diverse perspectives”, 3. “and work to”, 4. “dis-confirm their beliefs”.

1.Person in front of computer screen, 2. A book with multiple colors. 3. Ant throwing a tooth. 4. DJ shaking discs with hands full of leaves.

  • 1.“They seek diverse perspectives”, 2.“and work to dis-confirm their beliefs.”:
  1. Two anthropomorphic eye figures looking at different directions.
  2. A fork strikes an stick over a bible.
  • The whole text:

Group of people with magnifying glasses and turned on flashlights looking around, then, they shake their heads expressing a big no, no no.

Association process: see the image, think in the target idea.

Algorithm - method of loci + link system or story:

  1. Have the text as you wish to memorize it.
  2. Decide whether or not you’re going to use an story or simply the link system. If the text is very large, go for an story. If the text is segmented go by the link system.
  3. Make chunks, divide the text in images. If you’re going to use an story, make the chunks if you will, as you memorize.
  4. Count the chunks and select your loci. If you’re going by story
  5. Memorization: A. Follow the association process then place images in loci. B. Visualize all your images, loosely then repeat the association process and commit to loci. (This could be faster the A, as you wouldn’t need to review)
  6. Review.

Once you get advanced in confidence of your imagination and association capacity: make no chunks, simply, visualize as you read and you understand (if you care), place in loci whatever you want to remember longer.

About inspiration of what to think of, it all depend on your semantic intelligence, the more you understand a word or sounds in words. The more I do visualize text the easier it is to do it again with other texts. And about imagination, it all depend on your manipulation of memories, your attention to perceptions and most importantly every input you have and continue to receive. Feel free to look at art, and feel free to steal what others imagine, but never neglect your power: imagine.

I would prefer you do not, but you can. Whatever we discuss here can help others.


This comment makes you such a credit to this forum!


Thank you for the detailed explanation!!

This is really awesome!

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Yes, that’s why we have the forum!! Thank you for reminding me that!!

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