Best way to memorize a deck of cards


I recently started with memory challenges and I was wondering what the best method for memorizing a deck (or more) of cards is? I’ve read a lot of the PAO-method, problem is that I don’t associate each card with a person. Instead I use that for example a Heart gives me a J (I’m swedish) and then the value of the card gives me another letter and with those two letters I form a word which gives me an image that I can remember. For example the six of Hearts gies me J-J which I turn into a Yoyo which I place on my journey or memory palace. Problem with that is that then I have a hard time linking three cards togehter as you would with the PAO-method. Instead I just put one card in each position. Does anyone know of a way to memorize cards faster when the cards are objects or should I simply make the cards into people so I can use the PAO-method? Is this seen as the best method?

Putting two objects together might work well. Use a rule for the order of the objects, like the first object is always on top or to the left of the second object.

You could also come up with an action for each object (e.g. the yoyo’s action could be spinning) and use an Object-Action system.

As for the “best” method, I think that would have to be making a single image (it could be a person, an object, or something else) for each pair of two cards. Of course, that takes a lot of work.

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