Best way to learn Anatomy and physiology using mnemonics?

I just finished Moonwalking with Einsten yesterday and thought I’d give mnemonics a shot, trying to improve my grades.

I have a physiology, anatomy and pathology course this semester. I have two questions regarding this:

  1. What mnemonic technique would be the ideal technique to use?
  2. How would I optimally train this outside of school? In the book Josh Foer has a daily training schedule.

For anatomy an example of what I have to learn might be the anatomy of the knee joint, including the ligaments (their names, originations, and insertions), the type of joint, the type of movement and degress of movement, nerves (their names and placement in relation to the rest of the anatomy), muscles (their names, originations, and insertions), cartilage (thickness, type and placement), and about the joint capsule.

For physiology it’ll be stuff like metabolic processes, protein synthesis, different cells etc

For pathology it’ll primarily be regarding the heart, arteries and the effect physical activity might have on preventing disease.

While anatomy is mostly just remembering, there’ll be an element of having to understand in pathology and physiology. The book made the case that to understand something you have to remember first, which I liked and I feel is true.

I’ve read the learn the art of memory pdf, but I’m still confused tbh
Thanks a lot!

Btw I hope I’ve put this in the correct category


This book is very helpful, lots of mnemonics:

I also found it helpful to read the descriptions in older editions of Gray’s anatomy. Because they didn’t have the crutch of photographs, the descriptions are very good.

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Thanks a lot!

If you haven’t seen them yet, there are also some discussions here:

Alex Mullen also has some tips about medical topics on his site.

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There are 3 courses being offered by Petersons…which got the right to the Dean Vaughn memory cube and Vaughns other memory systems (rehashing of everything discussed in these forums.)

Go and check out a course…it’s $99 for Medical Terminology, Human anatomy and $150 for Foundations of Health Science and it will probably put things in their most proper perspective for you since you still don’t have a firm grasp on things.


P.S. I hounded Petersons to make the 3 courses available to the public again…lol