Best technique for studying a particular subject?

As the title implies, i’ve been trying to find what is the best technique to learn and retain information regarding a particular subject. I am not sure the Loci method works here, it may, but maybe I just don’t know how to apply it properly.

The subject is a tough one, with many theories and concepts. Think along the lines of Computer Science (not to bore you guys and girls with the details).

With that said, is there a particular technique/s that works for studying and retaining information on a particular subject? Thanks.

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Something like computer science, you want to make those abstract ideas and theories into tangible things you understand. You used a memory palace to have a trigger image that reminds you of your interpretation of the idea. I used this when studying the sciences like physics, chemistry, and so on. It worked pretty well. You it is hard to memorize a paragraph work of theory with trying to change everything into an image


Please give me specific examples.

The best thing you can do is, visualize your topics and… I yell to you and my past self:

One day I took for the memory palaces, another for memorization of the topics. However I did good in the exam, I could have done much much better like 100/100 If only I take the needed time. Anxiety and fear can make you feel idiotic and unprepared. If you memorize with time, and you review the material, you feel like you know your thing.

I’m a software engineer student and I found out late about the art of memory, though I managed to figure my way in memorizing things. That’s one of the reasons I experimented a lot with text memorization, my conclusion was:

Method of loci in combination with linking system: select leading worlds: schema, features, related. If talking about definitions, history and alorigthms.

Method of loci as Roman Room: talking about list of unordered topics related or not, like reserved IP numbers and use.

I don’t have an specific way of doing it, it depends on the course and its importance to me, even if it is for an exam where I want to score an A, I really feel horrible when just wanting to memorize information that I deem useless or outdated… oh boy, universities these days…

If I care: I use a memory palace I create from imagination rather than a reconstruction of a real place I’ve been to. If I don’t care: I use my house… I could make up to 200 loci not considering the walls and ceilings. This is for cramming for an stupid course.

Also, be strategic, if you are memorizing algorithms or programming languages syntax or code examples, also memorize the why, not only the what or how. Many on the field say, don’t memorize, and then tell you to practice and practice… that’s stupid. They tell you don’t memorize but tell you to practice over and over for the information and understanding be “storage in your memory” and what that is if not memorization as well? Basically, they tell you to do rote memorization through practice. Absolute ignorance.

Memorizing text is not only possible but super effective with te Method of Loci, always you could and should aid yourself with any memory pegs either for words, numbers, abstract symbols and basically anything. You can turn anything into an MI and when you do, you will remember. It is arbitrary. When you learn the “feeling” of association, then you get what I mean.

UNRELATED, but curiosity could spark:

Create PLs: A-Z, 0-9, 00-99 (optional).

An example of arbitrary mnemonic images:

0 - Zeus, 1 - Mnemosyne, 2 - Aphrodite, 3 - Poseidon, 4 - Athena, 5 - Ares, 6 - Gaia, 7 - Kronos, 9 - Persephone

I think training your arbitraty memorization, helps when finding worlds with nothing to relate them with. But Alphabet Systems solve the problem of words without any relations, but figure that Alphabet Systems could help you create Peg Lists themselves: like you want to learn Hiragana words, how do you memorize them fast, well arbitrary, relative or pegging, well with pegging I mean, A-Z, you have か(ka) then just associate K-A-with the new MI for か (ka)… simple do that for the other 45 and as well with Russian script or any other symbol pegging list, then just memorize words with the linking system.

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