Best technique for keeping count of my daily kcal and macro nutrients

Hey, new here to the forum and overall a beginner in memory techniques so please tell me if i’m missing something basic. I’ve been going through mnemonics for helping me through tasks and i’m finding out out there’s loads of them, that’s why I’d love to hear your thoughts on what technique is best to use for keeping count of my daily kcal and macro nutrients.

Basicaly I set myself a daily kCal goal, let’s say 2000 kCal and a macro goal and that’s why i have to keep track of every food of beverage I consume. I’d like to do that in my head to make the process a bit easier to do at anyplace.

Let’s say a doughnut has 260 kcal, 3.19 g Protein, 14.96 g fat and 27.22 g carbohydrates. If I always keep these numbers in the same order and round of I get 4 numbers somthing like this
260 - 3 - 15 - 27
next meal i consume I add to this and for example I now get
520 - 10 - 30 - 45

So what I’m looking for is the best system to keep the last number series in my head with some mnemonic per number, and somehow know this mnemonic was my last one of this day not confusing them with the ones i made up before.

Really intrested in hearing your ideas! Thanks