Best Rubik's cube method for competition

If I asked you which method is the best then what is your answer

Any suggestions ?

I am surprised to see the best score of Felik zemdegs

Depends a bit on your cube as far as the mechanics. Also a bit on other puzzles you do (e.g., 4x4) and variations, such as (M)BLD. I’d suggest CFOP to the majority of people.

What is your suggestion about ROUX ?

In general or is that something you want to learn? In general, if you already use M2 for BLD then sure, why not… it is kind of difficult though to do all this M slicing that Roux requires with OH solves. What method do you use?

Currently, I am using CFOP method.

And old pochmann method for blindfolding .

I had learnt all oll and pll cases. I achieved this in 1 month.

I have learn general f2l cases and I am currently preparing for advanced F2L .

That’s what I meant earlier… if you are using OP for BLD then you’ll have T-, Y-, R, J(a/b)-perm as part of PLL already, so it’s convenient to use those two together.

If you want to upgrade your BLD to OP for corners and M2 for edges, you could try out some Roux solves (M slicing); however, if you already know all OLL and PLL cases, I’d just stick with CFOP.

What do you average at the moment with CFOP?