Best Reading Improvement Books I've Ever Studied


When I was growing up I had extreme difficulty learning to read from an early age. Although I am not dyslexic, I seem to have a much lower natural working memory when it comes to executive functioning - I know this for a fact, since I had a neuroscientist test me on a range of psychology tests in order to give me more time on my GED test when I was younger. For this reason, I struggled all throughout school (since I went to inner-city crap schools), and I only started to overcome my reading difficulties and read exceptionally well after leaving high school and buying lots of reading improvement books. I used to order every single reading improvement book for adults that I could find from my local libraries’ inter-library-loan system, and I used to browse all the best used-bookstores for high quality reading improvement books for adults. Here is a list of the absolute best I have ever found - and I highly recommend you buy them online. Most of these books have lots of reading improvement exercises in the book, but the authors are so enthusiastic and insightful in their descriptions about what it means to be an efficient and effective reader, that it is well worth the effort and practice. I noticed my own reading ability improve significantly from these books. However, I’d also like to mention that nothing I have ever done to try and improve my reading speed has been more successful to me than MEMORY TRAINING. When I train my memory daily, I see an immediate improvement in my ability to read fast and comprehend more.

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler

The Art of Book Reading by Stella S. Center

A Key to Better Reading by Paul D. Leedy

Reading Improvement for Adults by Paul D. Leedy

Read with Speed and Precision by Paul D. Leedy

How to Get More out of Your Reading by Norman Lewis

How to Read Better & Faster by Norman Lewis


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