Ben system vs Josh’s variations


I am starting to train for possible memory competitions in the future.
My expectation was to use the Ben system for numbers cards and binary, however I spotted somewhere something that Josh had created that was presumably a variation of the Ben system.
Any suggestions as to which is better? The pros and cons of each?

(Josh Cohen) #2

The 3-digit number system I made is a Ben System – I only rearranged the vowels and consonants. Instead of going in order with the vowels (a, e, i, o, u, etc.), I assigned them based on similarity to the numbers.


  • “A” (as in “father”) looks like of like a 4, so A is the vowel for 4.
  • “AI” (as in “five”) is the vowel sound in “five”, so AI is the vowel (diphthong) for 5.
  • “E” (as in “seven”) is the vowel sound in “seven”, so E is the vowel sound for 7.
  • etc.

There are also changes like “b” is the consonant for 6 because they look similar.

I don’t think that rearranging the sounds for your personal preferences would have any effect on the system, but I don’t know. :slight_smile:

I also extended my digit sound assignments to 2-digit and 1-digit numbers, but I think that it’s mostly useful for non-competition memorization:

  • 3-digit numbers – a regular Ben System: consonant-vowel-consonant
  • 2-digit numbers – consonant-vowel (00: SO; 01: SI; 02: SU; 03: SAA; 04: SA, etc.)
  • 1-digit numbers - vowels only (0: O; 1: I; 2: U; 3: AA; 4: A, etc.)


Thanks for clearing that up for me