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Hi all. Currently i am learning 3 digit system in English, but i’d like to have that in Vietnamese. As it may help other in some extent, i.e for easyly memorizing or who do not speak English. Anyone here interested in to building that system? It is syllable-based system with details as:

C 0 Ô
T, D 1 O
N 2 A
M 3 E
R; Q 4 U
L 5 I
S; CH 6 Ơ
K; G 7 Ă
V, X 8 Â, Ê
P; B 9 Ư

NÓN LÁ --> Takes 2 first letter in the first word and the 1st letter in the 2nd word for number
N = 2; O = 1; L = 5 --> 215
(NÓN LÁ means hat)

I’ve finished 50%. Plz give me your support that we can go together.

The "Major system" for Vietnamese language
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I’m just seeing if I understand:
Does my table below look correct?

“O” can also be “Ó”?


Hi Josh. Thanks for your table but it not correct as my explanation. Normally, every single word in English will be as length as 2 word in Vietnamese, with the same meaning. I.E: letter = bức thư = 991 (as my system: taking first 2 syllables in the first word (B & Ư) and the first syllable in the second word (T). Other sign no need care.

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Sorry… I saw that, but then messed it up anyway. :slight_smile:

Is this one correct?


Great. It’s correct now. Thanks Josh.

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Do you also have a list of words in Vietnamese that you could upload in text format? Maybe we could come up with a script to match the words to the system. :slight_smile:


Hi Josh. Here’s the source of word for your reference. The non-bold letter is explanation for the bold above it. For Vietnamese, it’s more easy to finish Ben system.

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Are the words available in .txt format with just one word per line? Or maybe in a spreadsheet or .csv file?


I think you can paste into spreadsheet/ csv file than write some command to sort out the bold letter only. Other words should be deleted. Sorry i don’t know much in programme :slight_smile:
Let me find more, if any those available then post it. Thanks Josh.

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I found a list of 74,000 Vietnamese words here:

The file name is “viet74k.txt”.

it’s under the GPL license, so that should work.

Does anyone have a script in Python or PHP that could do this?
It’s 3:30 am here now, but I’ll think about how to do it over the next few days. :slight_smile:


Hi Josh. Nothing to say but a great thanks. I am still surprised at how you can find this word list…


I 'm Vietnamese too. Nice to meet you