Beginning of the Month Challenge...IMAGES (Month Challenge #2)

:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:April is soon here, so lets kick it off in a good way!:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:
This Sunday: April 5th 1:00 pm GMT( 05-04-2020)
a 1-day competition in Images will be held.

-Kinda similar to the Names one that was held.

So, a best of 3 in each round, with matchups randomly drawn in the first round. From there players will advance based on their performance.
Approx 3-5 Rounds including finals, based on the amounts of players.
In total you could expect to have 1-hour, 1 and a half hour available time for this competition.:ok_hand:
-Images goes quicker than general games, too.
In the final it will be a best of 5, if only a few rounds have been played, it will be a best of 9.

Last time we were 4 participating

(You can also find this here:

And 1- Day competition Int-Names:

-Any thoughts?


So that’s 2020-04-05T13:00:00Z, right?

I’d like to participate :slight_smile:


Yes =)
Awesome, glad to have you onboard!

I would like to participate ! Is it too late ?


good call on using that feature, because it makes it a lot easier to communicate across time zones on the forum. Especially around this time of year when not all countries change to daylight savings and some do so on different weekends and the 6h you are used to, happen to be only 5h for a week. I can only encourage others to use this feature as well… it’s at the top on the right, the little calendar icon.

I’ve used it myself a couple of times before. Didn’t know that it had a “built-in sense of humor” though… your message made much more sense a couple of days ago. Seems there is no way to turn off relative formatting. I mean it reads nicer as tomorrow and today for sure…

…but it’s really odd when you read yesterday followed by something like “see you then.” :wink:

@Josh… or is there a way through the “Date format”-field to optionally turn off relative formatting if it wouldn’t make sense in your message?


I’m looking into it.

Update: it isn’t possible to change that at the moment, but it will only look strange for 24 hours. After “Yesterday” passes, the relative date should disappear.