Beginning of the month...Cards (Month Challenge #4) 06-09-2020/6th Sept 2020

September is soon here, lets kick it off with another Memory League challenge:
Next Sunday: September 6th 12:01 PM GMT( 06-09-2020)
a 1-day competition … this time it is… CARDS!

-Basically 3 games in each round with your partner.

So, in a match up like this 1-0 VS 0-1 the 0-1 player, 1Win VS 1 Lose player begins.

So, 3 games in each round, with opponents randomly drawn in the first round. From there players will advance based on their performances.
Approx 3-5 Rounds including finals, based on the amounts of players will there be.
In total you could expect to have 1-hour or 1 and a half hour available time for this competition.

In the final it will be a best of 5, if only a few rounds have been played, it will be a best of 9.

Have not yet set a time. Will see when it is most opportune for others.

If not a better time is set then it will be: 12:01 PM GMT

Any thoughts? :fire:


You mentioned GMT, but not any specific time. Did you have something in mind for that already? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the lower-ranking person (on the ML leaderboard) could get 1st pick every time? Feels like a potentially big advantage in certain match-ups to have the 1st pick, so this could potentially help the underdogs?

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whats the sense in picking games when we play only cards?


Wow, I completely missed that part. Nice point! :joy: :joy:

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@zonjan @FlorianMinges Opps, the power of Copy Paste :smiley:

Thanks for brining it up. Was actually thinking about seeing when most players are available.

12:01 PM GMT is a great choice otherwise:)

Haha, thank you for pointing that out!

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Some changes had to occur so, it will start 6PM GMT.