Beginner's question


Hello, I began to learn a method of loci few days ago. I have something about 100 loci. I have 10 days to remember medium-length text. These are two Corinthians from Bible. Let’s say it’s about 30 pages. Am I able to do that? How many loci will I need? One loci per one verset?

(Josh Cohen) #2

1 Corinthians looks like it’s over 400 lines by itself. I wonder if you could put 4-5 verses per location and create some more locations for the rest.


I think that it’s not a problem to create even something about 300 locations until tomorrow, but the question is: should I experiment with memorizing like that or better not, as I have only 10 days?

I’m totally surprised, because the method of loci really works for me, to remember words, lists and even texts, but I do not have experience in that yet.