Beginner Distinctions

What is the difference between Memory Systems, Memory Techniques, & Memory Methods?
How would you go about practicing based on —> How to build a brilliant Memory Week by Week by Dominic O’Brien. Also with a Goal of Scoring a 170+ on the Tests??

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One could tease out subtle differences in the meanings of these terms but in fact they are not clearly defined, used loosely and not really suited to this kind of close questioning.


A system is made up of techniques. A method is how you apply the techniques.


Thank you.

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Ok. Thank you for your time.

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The advice I would offer to someone just starting to train is to not set overly ambitious goals. I see many come here very enthused by the possibilities that the techniques offer and immediately try and tackle large projects. Most do not seem to return to report success. Like anything else, the techniques take practice and one’s facility improves dramatically. Start with baby steps. What matters is how far you go, not how fast you travel.

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Hay Erol nice to see you,Im going to start connecting memory techniques.with mental calculating
I should have pass an math exam that will be held in 2021 march.would you suggest Few Effective book espicially in this subject(speed math - memory)

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I’m afraid that would be the question for the people who takes interest in speed math with memory. Math is one of my bad subjects, speed math is my worst :slight_smile:

However, depending on what you are struggling with, we can all help if you start a new topic post about it on the main forum.

Good luck.