Been here for a while, forgot to introduce myself

Hey guys, I am a 18yr old student. I am preparing for Medical entrance examinations. As it’s my ambition to become a neurologist.

I first got introduced to memory techniques a year ago and from then it has became my hobby.

I am trying to use these techniques in my studying which gives me an advantage over others.

Apart from that, I other thing I do the most is thinking.I think about a lot of stuff including philosophy and small things that affect our daily life.

You can message me anytime I am always here to help.


-Rohan(my real name)


If you haven’t already done so - you should give Anki a try.

It’s the best way to review your palaces. So instead of always reviewing 1,000 locii, you simply enter those locii that don’t stick. Anki will soon distill those down to a mere handful. Of course, if you change a palace image because it doesn’t stick, you need to change it in Anki as well.

AFAIK, at least two of the moderators on reddit/anki are medics, such as @glutanimate, who wrote many Anki add-ins aimed at medics.



Thanks, that was some useful advice.