Basic manners when seeking a match

Sometimes someone seek a game and then don’t start the game.
Today it happened for me three games in row with different people and one was unranked.

I was going to write something long about pretty much any reason I could think of why people would do this but it all could be summarized in two simple manners.

  1. Do not seek a public game unless you intend to play it then and there.
  2. If somethings happens or you really do feel you have a reason to not play with whomever accepted your game, whatever reason, write in chat and let your opponent know.

I get that in other things, a too bad or too good opponent will give a bad game but here we mainly playing against ourselves and the rating system is mainly performance based instead of result based so there no real risk.

According to the forum tool there no topic similar to this one, so maybe it was just a bad day and not a problem. But it could also mean it a problem that been in the dark for too long.


*: I think this should been Memory League, when I hear/see it I think of the actual league but I guess it means the site and that is what this topic is about, seeking matches on Memoryleague dot com

  • Yeah I understand things happens and that strict rules would only make people not seek matches at all or less so. But it really annoying and probably my most ruined experience of mnemo in the month or so I been here. Would be really good to know if the site really crashes/glitches like that so don’t have to be mad at players for it.

Hey Jenn I’m pretty sure I was the last one you tried to have a match with.

I usually have the sound on when waiting for a game so I can be on a different tab and be notified. Sometimes its not convenient to have the sound on. So I look out for the little sound icon in the tab but to be honest it doesn’t show half the time. I end up clicking on the screen and see someone’s been waiting and left.

In other words I had every intention of play you but missed it. :pleading_face: Sorry


There is many different reasons why this can happen.

  1. Most common is that I have to wait so long for a match that I forgot about it and left the room without withdrawing my match search. One time I even left home and then half a day later at evening I realized that I was searching for a match in the morning and then forgot about it.
  2. When searching for a match I often do something else. Either somewhere closeby in my room or on my computer in a different tab. It then might takes a bit of time for me to be ready depending on what I was ranges from a few seconds up to a few minutes.
  3. I don’t want to play with some people. For example I once was paired up with this athletes in a certain discipline but instead of playing this discipline with me for which I was searching someone, he would demand and beg me to play a different discipline. I gave him a bit of a talking to and eventually left. But I instantly got rematched with him and then I left without a word. I would leave first second again if paired up with him even the following days.
    I already once asked for some kind of a blacklist, but that wish never got fulfilled. I just cannot play with people I’m angry at etc. It also decreases my focus considerably because my mind keeps getting back towards the conflict instead of doing the work it should do.

Those are the 3 basic reasons why this might happen with me.


One suggestion is to Learn some basic phrases from foreign languages.
-I know there has been some language barriers from some opponents that I have played with.
Maybe 10 phrases is good enough; the question is though which languages?

-Would be cool to have a list of those specific languages :slight_smile:


That is good. Maybe someone could make a thread here :slight_smile:

Worst case, you could copy/paste what you need to say.


This reminds me that some PvP mobile games have a few predetermined short expressions (“Good luck”, “Well played”, etc) that can be clicked or tapped in order to be displayed to the opponent in their language. Some others have emojis instead of sentences/expressions, which might be easier for the developers than adding a bunch of phrases and their translation in every major language.


Perhaps all the complicity is unneeded? I believe the sound was created for this specific purpose. Maybe the solution is to, rather than mute the sound, put it on a low volume that you can still hear? Perhaps this would be better rather than adding more work for the developers of the site. :slight_smile:

would be nice to have different sounds!

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