Back to Back characters

Hi guys,

Quick question, what are some ways that you guys deal with the same image back to back? For example,
1515 ( Albert einstein x 2)

Especially if you’re using PAO

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I didn’t get to encounter that case in my memorization yet, but it wouldn’t cause much problem. I would imagine Albert Einstein having a twin, or a ghost looking like him going out of his body, something like that. Or just 2 of them next to each other.

I’m realizing that just after I sent my first message, but whatever : in a few weeks, I’ll encounter the string 110 110 in the decimals of pi, which for me is two galaxies. It’s quite easy to make a picture out of that : two galaxies colliding and mixing each other. It’s fricking beautiful, there are some videos of that on the internet, like previsions of our galaxy colliding with Andromeda in a few hundred million years or something. It marked me, and It’s very easy to picture and remember it. So yeah, it also depends on what the repeated number means.

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