Back after hiatus, finally introducing myself

Hello! I go by Fuchsia on these forums. I am just about 29 years old, female, and from Washington DC (same hometown as Joshua Foer, 2006 USA Memory Champion and author of Moonwalking with Einstein).

I first encountered memory techniques when I read Foer’s book in early 2012. I have been following the world of memory sports since then. I probably don’t have the discipline to practice competitive memory sports myself, but I’m interested in promoting the concept of competitions and the benefits of mnemonics to more people. You can (mentally and physically) exercise without being a professional athlete, and I hope to keep my memory sharp as I get older.

I love that Foer’s book has inspired more people to use mnemonics (competing and winning is a bonus, for those so inspired). I find mnemonics to be an interesting intellectual hobby, despite the fact that when many folks think of memorization, they think of the boring rote method they learned in school. I get inspired by memory athletes because they have proven that anyone can use memory techniques so long as they know how - you don’t need to be any sort of genius at all.