Auto Advance training option

There’s a new custom training option in Memory League in which the system automatically advances through the memorization items so you don’t need to press the arrow keys.

Just set the Auto Advance Total Time to the total number of seconds you want to take for memorization, and the system will automatically move through the memorization groups at the speed required to achieve that total time.

If you can’t keep up during memorization, just press an arrow key or click an arrow button to turn off the auto advancing and switch to manual mode.

Thanks to @Erol for the suggestion.

Oh, and there is also a new option to customize the Maximum Recall Time, which is useful if you’d like more than 4 minutes for recall.


Works perfect! Thank you!
I’ve also tried it with the arrow key after I set the timer, but I’ve noticed it stopped the timer.
Is this a glitch in the script or purposely done?

Edit: I see why you did it now.


@Simon I can’t access Memory League with Firefox anymore. Not sure if this is related to the recent changes, though.

Internet Explorer seems to work. But Firefox gives me this picture:

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Try to turn off adblock or some other browser extensions. It worked in my case. Had the same blank screen as you.

I just checked, I have no browser extensions in Firefox. :thinking:

@SilvioB @sfep Sorry about that. I had a mistake in a filename which affected Firefox. It should be working now if you refresh the site.


It works :slight_smile:

I just tried the new auto advance training option. It works nicely.

Is it itended that the time it shows is a bit more than the time you set in the auto advance option? (For example; when I set 15 seconds in images, it showed 15.30 after memorization.) @Simon


That’s not intended - it may depend on what else is running on your computer. I just tried Images in 15 seconds on my phone, and the timer stopped at exactly 15.00.

I only had the forum open in another tab. But it is possible that my laptop is just a little too slow.

Hopefully the auto advance option will help me get faster again :smiley: I’ve lost a bit of speed because of the lack of training in the last couple of weeks/months.


Any chance of adding this feature to Memosets in … the next release?

Each time I get to solidly to 100% plus a few days on one of my memory sets I have been reducing the “Maximum Response Time” option and resetting the learning. Using the auto advance feature to practice committed lists might be a nice way of keeping the mental commitment to the items (improve memory of the lists ) or maybe not but it’s another toy to play with while memorizing.


I would like to know more about this.

Are you referring to the auto advance, or what Robert said about memo sets?

If you have specific questions we should be able to help.