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I retired about 4 years ago and am interested in finding one or more good ways to learn bible verses.

I read a book about mnemonic memory techniques many years ago. I tried using a few of the techniques but eventually abandoned them. A few years before I retired in encounter some new techniques while learning about teaching techniques at my job. Since I retired I ran across more information about various memory systems when I attempted to learn a language. I additional had my first run in with using Anki, a spaced repetition system (srs) while trying to learn a language.

It occurred to me that there must be a better way to memorize bible verses than the rote memorization that I’ve been using and that mnemonics or srs may be that way. However, I don’t have enough experience with mnemonics to know which technique to use. I’ve tried Anki to learn bible verse but found it lacking, at least in the way I was using it.

So, I thought this might be a good place to get some good ideas. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page that has information on getting started with the basic techniques along with a list of FAQs.

You should check out Mr. Gary Lanier’s “The Lanier Verbatim Memory System”. His system was developed mainly to learn Bible verses or anything varbatim.

Here is an introduction of the system by Mr Gary Lanier>>> The Lanier Verbatim Memory System | Part One: Intro & Part Two: How It Works

And here>> Memorizing the Bible

I think,his system is an excellent one and a proven one,too! You can modify it to suit your purposes.

For most people,Anki alone is not enough to learn anything. Some can use Anki alone to learn stuffs. These people are naturally good at encoding the materials to be learnt. They only need to have a SRS system and don’t require to consciously encode info for memorizing. But the rest of us need to encode the learning materials first and then,use SRS systems like Anki to review the encoded material from time to time.

You can completely ignore any SRS tool like Anki and can learn the Bible verses just by using a system like “Lanier Verbatim System”.

I divide the whole learning process into two steps:

  1. Encoding(mnemonics)
  2. Reviewing(SRS)

Encoding,for me,is organizing,preparing and making sense of the subject I am going to learn. I use ‘mnemonics’ for this. For example,when I convert a number or word into an image for memorizing or putting into my long term memory,that is encoding for me!

And the encoding should always come first.

Then,there is the ‘reviewing’ part. Even if I encode something with ‘mnemonic’ techniques,there is no guarantee that the encoded stuff will stay in my memory for a long long time. To solve this problem,I have to review the encoded stuffs time to time. And SRS technique is the best way to go for reviewing my ‘mnemonics’/encoded materials.

For me,SRS should always come second,not first. I tried SRS without the help of Mnemonics. And doing that,I didn’t experience the optimal learning that I do now(after combining both). Mnemonics should always come first and should be used in all cases!

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