Associating Major System Consonants to Words

Hello out there fellow newbies! I am extremely new to the world of memorization, and I find it fascinating. Learning about numbers have always been an interest for me: quickly adding numbers and making associations. I am excited to dive into this space and associating numbers with images. I am amazed now quickly the number shapes system works. My challenge is the major system. Does anyone have any tricks/ tips to quickly associate the two constant word back into the number? I find myself remembering the constants to convert the number into words but going back from a word to a number is more challenging. Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.

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The words can have more than two consonants if you want. The general idea is that the first two consonants should match the digits though.

What I did was to say the two consonants out loud as if they were the start of the word. Then I would pause and say the whole word. That associated the instinctive initial sound that I would make when I saw those consonants to the final word.

Some examples:

Number Consonants Initial Sound Image
01 S T suhhhh-t iCeD tea
05 S L suhhhh-l eaSeL
10 T S tuh-ssss oTiS redding
14 T R turrr oTTeR
15 T L tullll aTL-atl
20 N S nnn-sss einSTein

If that doesn’t make sense, let me know and I could try to come up with a better explanation. :slight_smile:

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I honestly like using a consonants as the first digit and a vowel sound as the second digit. It is some much easier to go back and forth. I think it is more effective than the major system.
So if 0 is the first digit, it would be the letter 0- z,s, If 0 is the second digit, then the vowel sound would be 0 - ‘oo’

If you had 00, you would need a word that starts with z or s and have an ‘oo’ sound. Zeus would fit 00. So if you had the number 00, you know it has to have a z,s starting the word then have an ‘oo’ sound. So Zeus should pop in your head for your image. Then if you have your image Zeus and want to know the number it represents, all you do is break it down. Zeus starts with a Z so it has to be 0 then has am 'oo; sound which is 0 so Zeus is 00.

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