Assistance with memorizing Law

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I am an aspirant attorney, and currently in Law school. I have not committed seriously to memorisation techniques because I am intimidated by the amount available and don’t know where or how to begin.

Could anyone kindly assist me by letting me know what route I can pursue (such as which techniques to focus on) in order to develop a stronger memory for words (not necessarily to know them verbatim, but retain understanding based off of a body of text) as well as general exercises or methods for developing a stronger memory.

I have an example attached of some study material.

If anyone could use it to explain the above it would go greatly appreciated.



I’d start by cutting the information down to as few keywords as possible, while trying to still have the meaning of what the original text meant to say. Then come up with images for all the keywords.
Think of a place that you know well and you can use as a memory palace in order to hold the information (i.e. the images you’ve come up with) you’d like to memorize.

Could you try to put the study material you provided, in keywords and describe the essential point of it all in one short sentence? If you, as an attorney, were to explain this concept to a client, how would you phrase it in a nutshell while still keeping it precise?

If you could provide the keywords and the short “take home message” of Section 21, I could tell you how I’d memorize the information. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your insights Silvio :slight_smile:

The keywords would be
Solvent spouse
Sequestered spouse
Legally separated
Trustee appointed

A take home summary would read as follows:

S21(1) of the Insolveny Act " The property of the solvent spouse will be treated as that of the sequestered spouse - provided they are not legally separated and the property in question will vest in the Master until a time that a Trustee is appointed for the estate of the solvent spouse"

So first I‘d come up with the images for the keywords:
Solvent spouse = a spouse with pockets full of dollar bills

Sequestered spouse = spouse with empty pockets

Legally separated = a judge putting a divider/wall between the spouses

Master = Master Shifu (red panda from Kung Fu Panda)

Trustee appointed = someone expresses their trust towards someone else (the trustee)

Property = Piggy bank

Vest = (bulletproof) vest

Keep in mind that these are just examples and it‘s best to use what comes to (your) mind first and what makes sense to you. No one else needs to understand the meaning of the images but you.

If you already have a number system, remembering that it‘s Section 21 is quite easy. For me, 21 is B.A. Baracus. If you don‘t have a number system, you could search the forum for „major-system“ or „Dominic System“. It really doesn‘t matter what system you use; pick the one that fits you best.

Next I‘d look for a place to store the images. For this specifically I wouldn‘t need a big memory palace. You can use whatever place you think might fit the information best. For something small like this I‘d open google streetview and go to a random place, then go through as many locations as I need for my images and then review the palace twice. After that I‘d start (mentally) placing the images in those locations.

So if the first location were the entrance of a shopping center, I‘d see someone taking away the piggy bank from the sequestrated spouse. Then he looks over to the solvent spouse who‘s still holding their piggy bank. The official then proclaims that he‘s going to take that piggy bank, too. All this is closely watched by B.A. Baracus, who‘s carrying groceries to his car in the parking lot next to the shopping center.

In the next locations I‘d just go on with all the images needed to give me the hints on what the meaning is. Master Shifu holding the piggy bank as long as no one who’s trustworthy is around, etc.

The images and stories you create don‘t have to be 100% accurate; you‘ll remember the meaning in general even without detailed images.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you still need to review with spaced repetition. Even with memory palaces, the images start to fade if you don‘t review in the right intervals.

I hope my examples make at least some kind of sense :slightly_smiling_face: It‘s been a long day and it‘s 1am here right now.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face: