Asking for some advice on how to proceed with Dominic Technique

hi all,
I am at a point where I suspect lots of people make it to…the drop out of memory training.
I’m just good enough to not be sure how exactly to continue.
I’m hoping someone who has been here already before me might be able to give me a little directionl Thanks in advance to everyone in this awesome community.

So I’ve memorized all Object/Action pairs from 00 - 99. I’m not too bad at it, not super fast, but I can do it well enough.

But now what? I’m just not sure what’s next.

Do I:

Keep reviewing my Anki double digit flashcards (getting a bit boring)
Make some 4 digit long Anki flashcards (e.g., 1527)?
Start trying to use memory palaces?
Just memorize stuff like licence plates when I’m out walking around?
All the above? None of the above?

I’m just in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction. Not sure what the next step really it.



If you are not using the method of loci yet (memory palace), learn that. It’s a fundamental technique.


Thanks. That’s a great idea. I’m getting bored just with 2 digit person/action.
I need to evolve!


Have you tried Memory League yet? You can train and compete there.

Here’s a page on how to use memory palaces:

Also check out the free ebook if you haven’t seen it yet.

Use your 2 digit PA system by placing the combined images in order in a Memory Palace. You need a palace or a place to STICK your images. once you do this. the sky is the limit. just google memory palace or journey method or Roman Room Or Peg System and you will find examples, but once you get the idea then its best to create your own “Palace”. I also use my own versions of the Dominic System for some applications. I Come look me up on Memory League. try out your system. If there still doing it i think you get 3 free games a day to try it out and get you hooked. Josh would know.

Dont quit now. Stick with it and quickly you will see what your amazing memory is really capable of and its very rewarding.