Ask for a Memory Technique or a system and likely get it here

Edit- The more info you will give me the likely it will be that I will create your memory techniques and examples will be appreciated as they will help me create your memory technique faster and after viewing your post I will give you a draft of that memory technique.

I usually check messages after 11 AM and before 2PM IST(Which you can convert to your local time using internet).

I have designed many memory techniques/system and if you want a memory technique then just comment here with your demands and most likely get it posted here.

Credibility -I can design a memory technique with in 40 seconds,If you want you can search my posts and see the number of memory systems designed by me,


Have a Grand Day.



I am poker player and just wondering how to memorize different ranges… Here is my post about it: How to memorize these numbers and letters (poker hand range)?

For this I will use my number system where 55 is a pot since it looks like a lot when it is turned and
you see a pot and then you use magical powers from your hand which lights up with a circular shape to create a man named AJ(Action Jackson) holding a ballon and then rays coe from yur eyes(To symbolize a bracket container,The opening and closing one) containing an object which symbolises 5s(Samsung Galaxy 5s+)(with an upside down position with the print ink color and material to symbolize - instead of plus),

And then I will chuk the complete text and hold the rest of the symbols,letters and numbers in my mind for atleast 30 seconds untill it becomes a long term memory(It takes 30 seconds for a memory to be automatically be transferred into long term memory…)

And then after a few minutes or nearly a minute I will have learnt it,

The method in bullet points(In no particular order)-

  • Use your number system to visualize the numbers.

  • Use two or more movements with magical powers in your imagination to symbolize symbols(Ex-Brackets, Comma) with your already pre-associated movements for such magic superpowers.(Here, Hand and Eye Movements with the suprerpower seen in videos).

  • Chunk the rest of the content and hold it in yur short term memory for 30 seconds or longer if it is short.

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I’m a student studying for my end of year exams. I need to make sure I know everything in my notes and understand things properly.

How are your notes structured, Are your notes pointwise, in paragraph form or mindmaps, I am asking so that based on this information I can design a memory Technique for you,

Which subjects do you study and approximately how long are your notes?


  • Maths and Science
  • More than 4 pages

For understanding I will be including some tricks and potnetially a Speed Feynman technique in that method,


Have a Good Day.


I’ve been using memory techniques from past 8-9 months. My doubt is, can a non native English speaker use English words for his/her mnemonic systems. I’m from India and English is our second language as well as the official lingua franca. Is it compulsory that one should stick on to his/her mother tongue while making mnemonic systems?
Are there any non native english speakers who have successfully used english pao system?

I will try to use the native pao system to help you, and I am also from India and English is not my native language and I hope to answer your question soon,

And my native lanuage is Hindi and most of the time I create my mnemonic systems in English and there are some mnemonic systems that I have created completely in English and It is not necessary to create mnemonic systems in your mother tongue as I was for example was able to create mnemonic systems in English with Hindi as my native language and you can also do this if you want(I have created and picked manh atomic memory systems from a podcast and I combine them, expand them and edit them to create my mnemonic systems!).

Thanks for replying.

I’ve been practicing since 9 months and my mnemonic system has been in English. Somehow I became skeptical about using English in mnemonics as I thought, for non native speakers using mother tongue is a must (Dunno why I thought like that all of a sudden haha)
Thanks for letting me know that even you have your major mnemonic system in English.
Also Indian memory champions like srivyshnavi and others had mentioned that they mostly use English itself in their memory systems.

It would be of immense help if you share your system.
Thanks in advance
Awaiting your reply :slight_smile:

It must be true but there is different thing you can call it as our native language words.
Like ball - it’s an English language word but we use it more common than gend.

Other examples like table, camera, desk, etc.

As you know hindi is a mixed up language, many words we speak in our daily life are English, urdu, hindi and some more language words.
So use the word that is more common for you.


Yes I agree.
I used commonly used English words like these,which you mentioned, for my system. I just wanted to know if it is okay to use English as a main language in our systems.Dunno why all of a sudden I felt soo skeptical about non native English speakers using english in their system. I’m fluent in Kannada but it’s of little help while memorizing English words as Dravidian languages phonetics and words are entirely different and I find it difficult to make use of that.

Do you use much English in your system too?

No , I use about 40 to 50% english words in my system and in which 35% english words are most commonly used in india.

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Another edit: Replaced Double with Triple.

I am creating thiss system on the spot from 8:56 PM to show that

0- A President,Nuclear Button,Nuking an object,building,person.
1-A Cartoon Scientist,A Lock,Locking
2- A Social Media User,A Paper,Writing
3- A Bitcoin Miner,GPU,Mining
4- A Banker,Dollar,Banking
5- An Accountant,Calculator,Calculating
6- Superman,Hat,Flying
7- A Lawer,Tie,Arguing
8- A Snowman,Snowball,Rolling
9- A Diplomat,White Flag,Waving

It took me 12 minutes to create this system,
For the first 5 numbers(with rare symbols) It had taken me 3 minutes which would have been 1 minute if I did not have to type and maybe if those symbols were not so commonly used and had a deeper meaning to me,

A system-Take at least 1-10 numbers and asing a different symbol to each of them and make persons(Personifications),Actions and Objects based on that symbol and optionally preceding the person or sometimes even the objects.

And the rarer and the more meaningful the symbol the better,

But for the less rarer symbols and more meaningful symbols it took me triple the time,


Have a Nice Day.


Thank you so much for sharing your system @aicreator


@Rajadodve786 Oh okay :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.

My pao is little different, I doesn’t made my pao in major system letters.


00 - zero - zorro - soaring - circle

01 - ek - eklavya - cutting - thumb

02 - do - doremon - giving - gadgets

And so on…


Your pao is quite interesting. I should rather try making ones like that. It’s like a perfect mix between English and Hindi. How long does it take to stick in your mind,like the ones you created?

I will definitely try to make one like this.

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I use english words for all verbs in my pao.
And some for objects.
Like thumb, circle…
Because english words for verb is easier to say like cook, make, run, etc.

And names is common in both Hindi and English language.

I have thought of a technique called Combined Pao in which 10 people and 10 cartoon sare made from the above method,

Cartoons- There can be 10 different faces of people in each cartoon(With 1 cartoon 1 face)

Actions- Two set of actions can be combined with each other

Objwcts-Two objects can be combined with each other with one object having the texture of the other.

Since the Dominic System in which actions are combined improves memory I think that in that PAO system in which cartoons and people’s faces, Actions and Objects are combined will also improve memory and for a speed boost you can also try my Chunked Memory Palace System for 1 day


Have a Good Day.

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Note: While I had thought of the above system it is not mine, I forgotten to mention that.



As you see I made my pao, but I didn’t use it much , I prefer to use po or oo instead of pao.
Because in object - object system , I am free to add any action between them.
Well, it’s my personal choice that works for me.
I am not recommending you to do this.

It’s all up to you which system works better.
And in which language you feel good, try to use that .

And how you created your pao ?
In major system letters, category pao, or Dominic style?