"as I was recalling images of my mother, now in the later stage of Alzheimer's where she no longer remember me or her husband of 62 years, that this experiment was always about remembering"

This diary entry made me think:

"I began this process of remembering every day that passes over 3000 days ago.

I continue to pin an image to my mental calendar at the end of every day as a memory tag.

But as I’ve been recording here, it has become increasingly harder to refresh the images.

Several times I’ve thought of giving it up as an experiment that has reached its natural end.

But I haven’t. During the current coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the memory tags mean I can distinguish between days with few distinguishing features and mark the passage of time. Otherwise they would just be a blur."




Very interesting, keeping a tab on events over the past 3000 days!
Do you use Majors for this? Or something else?

All the best


It’s not my blog. There are some great early entries on there somewhere.

Thanks, I’ve had a quick read of how he does this.
And, it certainly would not work for me!

Majors, for me, is reliable and accurate and if I make memorable enough images to go with my number ‘picture’, what I am trying to remember is there for life.