Art of Memory Software Update - Journeys Module and Memo Sets Module Moved into Beta, First Set of Tutorials in Full Release

This is an update on the Art of Memory software.


The Tutorials module has been moved out of beta and the first set of six tutorials are now available to all of our preorder customers and Kickstarter backers whose reward includes a software subscription.. We are working on more tutorials and will release them as they are ready.

Journeys and Memo Sets

We have just moved the Journeys and Memo Sets modules into beta release. We’ll give access to non beta Kickstarter subscribers and preorder customers as soon as beta is over.

The Journeys module allows you to create memory journeys (aka memory palaces). You can upload images for your journey, identify the locations, and walk through the journey to review it.

The Memo Sets module is where you create sets of data you want to learn. This could literally be anything, like lists of vocabulary words, historical facts, geography, speeches - anything you’re interested in. You can include images and text, and customize how you want to be tested. You can also apply a memory journey to a memo set, so you can walk through the journey, viewing your superimposed images.

We think the coolest part of Memo Sets is the Summary Image column, which allows you to upload, edit, and juxtapose multiple images based on the information you’d like to encode. For example, if you’re creating a Memo Set for French vocabulary and are creating a Summary Image for the word ‘pomme’ in French (apple), you can upload and clip a picture of an apple, and upload and clip a picture of a pom-pom. You can then put them together to create a memorable image which can be superimposed in a location along your journey!

Memory League Updates

We had a successful UK Open Memory League Championship in November. Congratulations to Katie Kermode (1st place), Marlo Knight (2nd place), Ben Pridmore (3rd place), Clay Knight (4th place), and the rest of the competitors!

We have a Canada Open Memory League Championship coming up in February 2018.

We’ve just started the second season of the Memory League online league. There are almost 100 competitors across 7 divisions this season - good luck to everyone!

League players can now email league match notes to their opponents through the website, making it easier to arrange matches.

We added a Lithuanian option for Names and a Hungarian option for Names and Words.

We’re very excited to be nearing the full release of the software. It’s been a lot of work and taken more time than we originally anticipated. Thanks again to everyone for your patience!

Happy New Year from all of us at Art of Memory.