ARENA of MEMORY... Whom are our Gladiators?

Hello everyone!
The Amazing SLAM competition is going on currently, but something very awesome was the ARENA of Memory. Last Year we had WORLD CHAMPION of Memory Alex Mullen face of WORLD CHAMPION of Memory Andrea Muzii. Two phenominal atleast, where my words wont even do justice of their amazing feats that are able to do.

SO, this time around, whom do you want to see facing of against each other? The Goal here is, if this gets enough attention, there is a great chance that this will actually Happen.
Imagine seeing these matchups:

Emma Alam VS Prateek Yadav
Katie Kermode VS Yanjaa
Jan Zoń VS Csengő Bálint
RYU SONG I VS Alex Mullen
Ron White VS Nelson Dellis
Jim Kwik VS Andrea Muzii

It could be any memory athlete, old as new, as long as you think the public will find it interessting. (Even Memory Coaches!) These are a few Matchups that came to mind. Feel free to comment your suggestions!

Ohh, by the way, the will be facing off in short event Memorization. Memory League Disciplines.


How about Katie vs Jan-Hendrik in a 4 out of 7 International Names match?


all names above are the real deal by testing themselves so they have my respect ,but there is 1 name that won’t compete and has never competed and the reason is because he will expose himself for the fraud that he is and losing his ability to make money via he company and speaking engagements


Some are good teachers and some are good memorizers :slight_smile:


some are Charlatans


I’d be open to some sort of North American slugfest between John Graham (@Johnnyworldwide - USA) or @Abrahamsaynes of Mexico. Or even some sort of mini North American tournament or round robin or something.

Edit - I just reread this, and incase it isn’t clear, I meant a ‘slugfest’ involving myself and the others, not just them haha.


Ohh i like this

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How about Andrea vs a Memory League All Star Team?

Andrea vs Alex- Cards
Andrea vs Jan Zon- Images
Andrea vs Katie Kermode- International Names
Andrea vs Jan Hendrik- Names
Andrea vs Bastian- Numbers
Andrea vs Simon Reinhard- Words