Are there any good audio books about memory techniques?

I’m looking for audiobooks to help me develop strong memory techniques, preferably subject agnostic. (I’ve seen some focused on language learning, but I want something more general) They need to be in audiobook format as I plan to listen to them on my commute to/from work.



Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O’Brien is good.


It is the best one.

Harry Lorayne has a few -


Thanks! I just bought Quantum Memory Power and will start it tomorrow on my drive to work.


Let us know what you think. :slight_smile:

Also, Kevin Trudeau’s Advanced Memory pack is available on YouTube (among his other courses. :grin:)

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It’s pretty good, though

1.) it feels kinda weird to be wasting such good memory palaces on things like lists of random items and random bodies of water. Why not have us store the 10 largest or bodies of water in order? That would actually be useful. Now a week later and I still have this list of 10 random waters stuck in my palace/head. Maybe he talks about recycling/reusing palaces at some point, or how to generate a large number of settings for palaces?

2.) I think I like the major mnemonic system better than the letter based number system that Dominic proposes. I’d love to see studies on which is more effective, but for now I’ve paused on the book to focus on really internalizing the major mnemonic system. I’ve put together an Anki deck with very high base ease/intervals (I know, memory palace fans often hate spaced repetition programs, but maybe there’s a place for both) with a bunch of random words, sounds, and sentences with the goal of being able to see a word or phrase and very quickly decode it into numbers. My thought is that that will make traversing memory palaces faster, reduce my error rate, and possibly allow me to store short phrases with a PAO to vastly increase the information density in my palace.

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