Are the Memory Palace and Rote Repetition both brute force methods of learning

I had read in the internet that The Memory Palace is a brute force method(I think for learning) and I also think that Rote Repetition is also a brute force method of learning, Are both of these things true?

I believe that in rote repetition a person needs to repeat information again and again untill he has learnt it and I believe that the Memory Palace is a brute force method because a person needs to associate information to objects in a location and walk around that location and maybe even repeat walking around the same location and watching those encoded objects untill he has learnt the information encoded in his objects,

But I think that reviewing a memory palace by watching objects encoded with information in any location and then walking around them is a passive review and as with passive reading I forget most of the information that I had read almost immediately and this does not happen with an object in a Memory Palace maybe because of of our great Spatial and Visual memories

And I believe that if we do a passive review of the objects in our Memory Palace and then we do an active review of the objects in our Memory Palace then our recall after using Memory Palace(s) and revising them will be much greater.



If by brute force, you mean, requires repetition of some form, even if exclusively spaced repetition.

Then the answer is yes.

The idea is a bit different, you can learn things by rote or by memory palace without having to employ repetition. You almost certainly need to employ repetition to handle interference if you plan to learn a lot in a short period.

It’s not the method that determines this, but it can help, it has a lot more to do with the interference particularly overtime. Brief periods of high interference make recall worse.

why bother with definitions and terms?! some knowledge cant be acquired without brute force or whatever its called.

I think the opposite : reviewing a memory palace is very active learning, because you’re retrieving information and decoding it, how can that be passive?! Even if you mean reviewing a memory palace without decoding, it still active learning because of the retrieving effort.