Are great notes worth the effort?

(Dead Man) #1


I was wondering, if the creation of great notes is worth the effort.


  • When I read, I like to take notes about the information, that I want to memorize in my memory palaces.
  • I read, that it is better for memorisation and understanding, when notes are taken by hand.
  • I already tried different things: note taking software, mind maps, sketchnotes, note taking with different colours …

The question now is, does it really matter how you take notes or how great (visually) they are? I mean, at the end of the day the information will end up in one of my memory palaces. So I feel like it would be enough, when I throw the information / notes in some kind of software. That way I always can access the information for memorizing. That is not possible with notes on paper, as I got to have them with me.

What do you think about that? How do you take notes?


(Josh Cohen) #2

I write my notes with a few different colors when possible. Even if I never look at them again, I think the process of writing them down and seeing a visual image of text is beneficial. I don’t usually draw pictures, but I sometimes make diagrams.