Appreciation post

Just wanted to thank you guys for introducing me to mnemotechniques. Most of the time it’s the worst possible kind of torture to try and memorize charts with more than fifty entries where each entry has more than three sub-entries or notes all of which need to be remembered in order.

Last night I finally decided I couldn’t slack off on my organic chemistry preparation anymore and sat down with the intent to memorize the basic IUPAC Nomenclature for organic compounds and it went so much better than I had expected. Had I not used a mind palace it would have likely taken me more than 3 hours to get all of that through my skull but now it seems so much easier and I am able to concentrate easily because I’m the one creating images and there’s a kind of active visual interaction with the data that makes the whole process more lively, efficient and more bearable. I wrapped up the whole thing in 45 minutes!
Now it seems that I just might do well enough on the tests to surprise even myself.
Here’s hoping for the best
Will be sharing updates soon