Applying techniques and shortage of Loci

Have you ever been in trouble or kind of lost when you were beginning with mnemonics?

New member, just starting with the techniques and looking for some orientation. Where I live, you need to take a university admission exam, which consists of four years worth of information from high school subjects.

I started studying for it in may, and since then I have been mind mapping and using spaced repetition (without flashcards). I made a lot of progress but I still wasn’t confident for the test, so I wanted to reinforce my memory, I have read some Tony Buzan books (mindmap, use your memory, speed reading) and I think palaces are the way to go. My goal is putting all the mind mapping information to palaces, also I just started to create anki decks.

  • How to never run out of loci?

  • How to apply the techniques for things that are hard ti create images from?

For example, I gotta remember that auxins promote elongation and inhibit growth of lateral buds in plants. And that Solon freed the debt-slaves and abolished all debts, leading Athens for the creation of democracy.

Sorry if the text got too long, not a native speaker so if there are some grammar issues, let me know, because I have to study english as well for that exam of mine. Thank you.

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The only way to never run out of “Loci” is to create new ones. You can easily create as many Memory Palaces as you want. You will never run out of “Loci”.

You need to learn how to ‘convert abstract words/ideas into concrete images’. There are some techniques to do the conversion.

Btw,you should also learn about 'Link Method" ,“Story Method” and “Peg Method”,too…Don’t just depend on only “Memory Palace”. Because there are many thing in which you can apply the “Link Method” easily and don’t need the Memory Palace.

I suggest you to read “Harry Lorayne” book…


Auxin sounds like “oxen”. I’d picture something like tiny oxen stamping on some lateral buds.

Solon sounds like “solo” — maybe “Han Solo” or playing a solo computer game.

Once you have a key image (or few), you can link them together and put them in a memory palace location. Not everything needs an image — natural memory can help.

You write colloquial English as well as many native speakers. I haven’t tried them, but there are some tools like Grammarly that might catch grammar mistakes (depending on how formally you want to write).

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