Apply the memory technics?

I have a question regarding the memory technics, that , by the way, are awesome

I recently started to practice number memorization , and I have decided to master it well , to move to another technic

After 3 weeks of practice, finally, i memorized a word per every number , from 0 to 100

I work with a lot of numbers, cost of projects, expended, budget, and, to be able to go to a meeting, listen those numbers and memorize them, would be awesome. Some excecutives do it, at the end of the meetings they remember all numbers presented.

I tried to do it by using this new technique, and i found that i lost my focus on the topic of the meeting, trying to match a number with a word and then put it in a story.

Is it possible to use this technic in this type of scenarios?

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i’d like to know the same question as memory in an interactive meeting is quite a awesome skill.


I too want to smoothly change numbers to letters to words.

The only practical way to do this would be to time ourselves to be able “translate” numbers to words to sentences…if needed.

Don’t forget that numbers can also be viewed and remembered as patterns…like songs can be remembered by their “hooks” that rhyme.
As a matter of fact, try to see how you can use both the Major system and rhyme and ANY other memory system to succeed…don’t say to yourself “I can’t do that” because you can :slight_smile: