Apology to Raja

Sorry for the rude and bold accusation I made on @Rajadodve786 before.
I miss-interpretated one of the mechanism on 10fastfingers.com, which made my views pointless.
I seldom self-reflect and was always self-centered before, unaware of the hurts I do to others.
I sincerely apologize for my arrogance and immatureness.


Oh, no problem.

Anyway, even I don’t know what did you do wrong. I almost forgot this topic and chats. (If it’s bad no need to remind me haha)

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Lol what happened

Well, I just remembered thanks to others. Always suspecting nature. I learnt one thing back that time.

If we do suddenly a good score that no one did before and surprisingly it’s no.1 score according to ml. Than not show others that you can do it.
Otherwise they will say ohhh man you beat Alex score he is world champion, you are cheater. (And because I am not interested in video recording and proof like stuff) it will make me cheater.

That’s why check other people score first and do less score so no one can ask for video proof.

In short : I like to keep my score personal, showing others that I can able to do it (even If I did in less than 1 month, and someone takes 6 month.)

Only arrive at one position show me your video proof (and I don’t like it, that’s it)

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Well there is many proof.
It’s one of them.

I said to saroj.
I said I got sub 20 (17sec) in numbers in first month of my training , then saroj literally suspected me a lot and said too much things (I am not angry, just saying).

And I don’t like it , (he said it takes alex so much time to even do 80 digits in 30 sec something like that, and you did in 1st month, even it takes me more than 6 month just sub 25 once)
It’s impossible like stuff.

Sorry to say I am not making him feel bad, truth is I purposefully lost my memory league tournament game against him that day because he thinks I am cheater. (After that day he didn’t said much)

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Last chat of mine this topic.

I am not interested in competitive stuff, just sometimes playing for fun.

Why I learn methods to memorizing than => just for self-improvement . I just like this ability that’s why I learnt this, personally I don’t like to show this skill to others. And the me who knows I didn’t cheat that’s enough for me.)
Because even if someone suspect me, what it effect me. Because i have no business with that.

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