Anyone here willing to help anyone here done the Pmemory course


How many people from there have done the Giordano School of Phenomenal Memory.
Is there someone here one person or multiple that are here on this forum and can help me on a daily basis to do the whole Pmemory course? I would buy it but their site is down for a while. And it`s really important to me to be able to memorize books.
So if there is anyone here who is willing to help me for the next 3 months can you please leave a comment below?
Thank you

If you haven’t already checked, you might be able to find a few people who have gone through the program here.

I really need someone Who can help me on a daily basis S-o that I can get through the course I’m so sad that I can’t buy it anymore it’s such a useful skill I’ve could have gotten a job anywhere


Where do I find this School of Phenomenal Memory?


It’s not available anymore they’ve closed Down shop