Anyone else feels like this when using loci/memory palaces?

So i just walked threw a few of my “memory palaces” as i like to call them, and i noticed a few things that seems to be troubling me:
First, it sometimes doesn’t feel like i’m actually walking in a 3d space in my palace, rather that it moves from snapshot to snapshot, like a picture of one corner of a room and then another for example.
Secondly, i sometimes can’t see all objects/pegs in a room as a group, instead i just start with my first object and then the second one just sort “pops into existence”.

I guess all of this is means i just have to practice more, just wanted to hear if anyone had any thougts/experienced something similiar?


Yes that happens to me sometimes too!


I sometimes have that too. But usually only when I haven’t actually seen the location from different angles.

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I don’t have this but I do if I place more images in a room, I try to stick to less than 4 in a room, this way I don’t have this happen to me.

Next I try to avoid any kind of illogical pathways, like doors being closed and having to open them to go to the next place, or teleporting.

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This is very interesting. If I understand you correctly this is exactly how it always is for me and I never thought about it as something I needed to “practise away”.

Regarding the first part, do you mean that you don’t feel that you are in a three-dimensional environment and how the places spatially relate to each other, or do you just mean that you usually don’t visualise the actual transportation from locus to locus? If it’s the latter I just see this as something positive since it’s probably faster than really “moving”.

And seeing all the images in a room at once sounds very complicated to me. I don’t think I could do that. As long as the images pop up the same instant you “look at” their locations I don’t find this a problem.

So from my point of view: I recognise this very much and find it completely unproblematic. :slight_smile:

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It’s probably more that i don’t really visualise the transportation i would say, i’ve gotten sort of hanged up about since i thought you’re supposed to walk through it. “Should i visualise myself actually walking or just floating?” But reading your reply and thinking a bit about it, i guess it doesn’t really matter since the method still works for me.

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If anyone actually does see themselves really moving from locus to locus (like in a 3D open world game) it would be very interesting to hear about it. I’ve just assumed that everyone does it the way I’ve happened to do it, but likely it varies. Anyone? :slight_smile:

I have found that If I do it as a 3d open world of sorts I find it easier to integrate new locations at the cost off decreasing memory capabilities. As such I try to avoid this.

I would say it definitely makes a difference that is noticeable.

I walk my journeys. Most of my journeys are favorite hikes. I do find that enhances the recollection. But I don’t walk between locations in my memory palace. I can visit the rooms in my actual apartment without having to do so and haven’t found a need with the memory palaces that I construct. The locations have associations with each other some of which I invent to strengthen the web.