Any tips for memorizing a song in a foreign language?

Not sure where this belongs, so feel free to move it. Tips will obviously be different for a familiar foreign language where you know the meaning of the words vs. one where you don’t.
I have a short-ish song with 18 lines (I can group them into nine verses), some of which are the same or very similar (one word difference). The language is Russian, familiar for me and I can recognize most of the vocabulary (there are a few new words, but at this point memorizing them is a non-issue). Also, a lot of the vocabulary repeats - it’s a fairly simple song.
I was thinking of using my solar system memory palace (it works very well for me) and associating each of the nine verses with a planet (and the non-planet Pluto), with two lines assigned per planet, and going in order. How would that work?

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Update: Done.

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Did memory techniques help? I’ve learned some songs in foreign languages, but it was before I knew about memory techniques, and I did it by translating the lyrics with a dictionary, and then explaining the translation back to an imaginary listener.

I started building mine by paying attention to the song’s lyrics as I was listening to it, but in the end, the song earwormed itself into my head and I had it memorized. :-/. Weird.

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An agent worked it out on her own before you. Shame, but lucky, too.

Funny because you are not supposed to use memory techniques to a child that is learning their first language, like that.